Hergert Land & Cattle Co. is a family owned feedlot and farming entity.
The four owners are Alan and his wife Tracy, Dolores and Don Hergert.

Don's Grandfather, Gotfret, arrived in this country in April 1906. Upon arrival in this country
they worked in the sugar beet fields in Michigan, Nebraska and Colorado all in the same year.
In 1914 Gotfret, his wife Eve, and his family rented their first farm near Windsor, Colorado,
and in 1918 they started feeding livestock (sheep and a few cattle) to add value to their crops.
Four succeeding generations of the Hergert family have been feeding livestock ever since.

The feed lot is neat, clean, free of weeds, well drained, and close to Con Agra Beef.
HLC was the first Certified Angus Beef Licensed feed lot in Colorado. Nearly all of the finished cattle
are sorted and sold for the owner's advantage. Usually we get at least 30% to grade Certified Angus Beef
or better, and return a $20 to $40 bonus per animal.